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Why ScholarshipOwl Academy?

The road to college comes with a range of many different emotions – excitement, optimism and even a little confusion and anxiety. College is a major milestone in your life and it is important that you are prepared for this transition before you even start your first day as a college freshman. This includes developing the skills that will help you succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

The path to success begins with the choices you make today. Get started with a series of courses that navigates students and parents through the entire process, from college applications to financial aid. Learn essential information in a stress-free environment to better prepare you for college, your future career, and life.


ScholarshipOwl is here to make applying for college scholarships easier. Check what others say about us:

"The college journey is going so great. I got accepted into my number one choice and confirmed my enrollment. I also was awarded $50,000 scholarship for five years for going to that college. I truly couldn't do it without the help from you… I'm sincerely thankful."

- Benjamin Goss, Senior

“I am always finding something new to look up on the online course. It is packed full of important information from organizing the high school years to all aspects of a college application process. This is an invaluable tool for both parents and students.”

- Michelle Gibbs, Mom of Twin Boys (Juniors)